Turkish Secret Organization White Beards TurksTurkish Secret Organization White Beards Turks

In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Hello friends, How are you all. Turkey’s best series, payitaht abdülhamid and Dirilis Ertugrul viewers You have heard many times these passwords Where does this path go? Kizil Elma, red apple and white beard’s people. Today we will give you inform one of these passwords, Only, We tell you about white beards’s people, Who were the white-bearded people in the history of Turks? And what was their job.

Turkish Secret Organization:

Friends, Did anyone think of that? That there is such a nation in this world Who will give so much importance to a saying of his prophet, To comply with this order And they will sacrifice their whole life to fulfill this prophecy. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: You will surely conquer Constantinople.

The commander who conquers Constantinople will be the best commander. And the army that will conquer it will be the best army. In another hadith, the word Madinah Qaisara has been mentioned. Understand this first, Which city was Medina Qaisara or Constantinople at that time? And now what is the name of this city? It was an ancient valley, On one side was the Thrace region of Europe, On the other side, the region of Asia was Anatolia.

The valley had green fields, rivers, and beautiful mountains. It was the only valley in the world, Which connected the two continents, The Byzantines built a city in this valley in 666 BC. They named the city Byzantium for their king. It later became Byzantiun due to poor pronunciation In 330, The Great Constantine had a dream. He dreamed of rebuilding and resettling the city of Byzantium, The Great Constantin fulfilled his dream, And named the city on his name Constantinople, The city was later given different names, Such as Medina, Qaisara, New Rome, and Europe, But these names were not very popular, And until the Ottoman Empire, the city was known as Constantinople.

May 29, 1453, when Sultan Muhammad II conquers Constantinople, So Sultan Muhammad changed the name of the city from Constantinople to Islam Bol. But the Turks could not say this name, That is why the name of this city was changed from Islam Bol to Istanbul. The city remained the capital of the Ottoman Empire until 1923. Istanbul is the only city in the history of the world, Which has been the capital of three great empires. Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman Empire. It is still the most populous city in Turkey.

White Beards in Dirilis Ertugrul:

The spirit of conquering this city came to the Turkish nation at that time, When a Turk heard the Prophet saying: ”You will surely conquer Constantinople. The commander who conquers Constantinople will be the best commander. And the army that will conquer it will be the best army”. The name of this Turk was Dede Korkut, As he got older, he had a white beard on his face. He was very intelligent among the Turks and solved the problems of his tribe. The Turks respectfully named the man Aqsaqal. In Turkish, aqs qal means white-bearded and respected elder. White-bearded people were respected in the Turkish nation. These people used to decide the disputes of the Turks.

The famous thirteenth-century historian Rashiduddin writes in his book Note: Book Name: Dede Korkut: In English Language Dede Korkut was a realist, He was 195 years old. Inal Syr Yavkuy Khan, chief of the Oghuz tribe, sent Deed Korkat as his ambassador to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Deed Korkat converted to Islam inspired by the inspiration of the Prophet Muhammad of Islam. Dede Korkut had heard this hadith, You will surely conquer Constantinople., The commander who conquers Constantinople will be the best commander, And the army that will conquer it will be the best army. Dede Korkut returned and narrated this hadith to his chiefs,At that time, only 2 or 3 people became Muslims. They made it his duty to fulfill this prophecy. When the Turks sent their sons to the service of white-bearded people, So these people used to send these boys on secret missions.

Earlier this secret organization was not called White Beard, The name of this organization was Borobudur, This secret organization was formally formed in 628 AD. The founder of this organization was these Gok Turk tribe. Gok Turk means heavenly turkey or blue roof, That is why the Turks named their tribe Gok Turk, They thought the sky was a blue roof for us. That is mean, they wanted to build a great empire that would spread all over the world like the sky.

The Gok Turkish Empire was the first Turkish Empire in the world, Before that the Turks were gypsies, The first secret Turkish organization, Borobudum, was founded by Vizier bilge Tunyukuk. At the time, the organization had 50 members, and at that time, the symbol of this organization was the wolf’s head. This symbol was common in the Turkish nation that is why this organization did not become famous with this symbol and name. This organization became known as Aqsqal, meaning white-bearded people, And forgot the name Borobudom, This secret organization played a key role in building the Seljuk Empire. At the order of Aqsaqal, Ghazi Ertugrul was given the Byzantine territory The Crusaders and the Mongols always caused revolts in these areas. Osman, Ertugrul Ghazi, and Suleiman were members of this organization. They all used to go on expeditions based on the information of Aqsaqal.

White Beard Turks:

The Turkish government had four types of armies Akinji, infantry, inkasharia (new army) and white-bearded,(secret organization). This is famous for white beards (secret organization), When Sultan Muhammad conquered Constantinople, These people had disappeared, Because their work was completed hundreds of years later, But it is also possible, When non-Muslims conquered Khorasan, the Caucasus and Central Asia, At that time, non-Muslims had found and martyred the members of this secret organization, Because this secret organization was very dangerous for non-Muslims.

The sole purpose of this secret organization was to conquer Constantinople, and to spread Islam throughout the world. The famous Sufis Ahi Ervan and Ibn al-Arabi were also members of this organization. The symbols of this secret organization change over time, When this organization was formed, the symbol of this organization was the wolf’s head, And when Sultan Muhammad conquered kalitbahir Fort in 1452 AD The Sultan made the symbol of this organization three crescents, Since the fort was conquered on the report of this secret organization, And the design of this fort was like three crescents, It was as if the three crescents had come together Turk has used these symbols in his TV series, Dirilis Ertugrul, payitaht abdülhamid, and Kurulus Osman.

Sultan Abdul Hamid had tried to create such a powerful secret organization, But not successful because of the treachery of the Arab countries. Sultan Abdul Hamid could not recognize friend and foe۔ Some Turks still have the Aqsaqal’s symbol in their buildings. At the Turkish presidential palace, 16 Ottoman security guards stand steps, This is the memory of the (Aqsaqal) white-bearded people.

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