Best Turkish Historical Dramas in UrduBest Turkish Historical Dramas in Urdu

Historical series have a much more important place among other series types. Because it is very difficult to tell history. There are such historical series that people faint from boredom in the first 10 minutes. We have prepared a list of the Best Turkish Historical Dramas for you, so that you do not faint, learn about historical subjects and enjoy a very enjoyable series. Happy reading!

Best Turkish Historical Dramas List | Dirilispk

With all these fascinating features, Turkey has become the second country to export TV series after the USA. Yes, according to sources, the turnover of Turkish TV series exports in 2017 reached 350 million dollars. All genres, including Historical Turkish Dramas, have large audiences in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and North Africa.

As a matter of fact, Turkish Historical Dramas are appreciated not only by Turks who want to explore their old days, but also by international audiences for their extraordinary editing, action episodes, striking acting and costumes.

All Time Best Turkish Historical Dramas List:

  • Dirilis Ertugrul
  • Kurulus Osman
  • Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu (The Great Seljuk)
  • Hay Sultan (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gillani)
  • Ibn e Sina ابن سینا
  • Kizilelma (Red Apple) سرخ سیب
  • Ates Kuslari The Fire Birds (آگ کے پرندے)
  • Yunus Emre
  • Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid
  • Destan
  • Fateh al Andalus
  • Barbaroslar
  • Hayreddin Barbaros Season 2
  • Teskilat (The Orgainization) Season 1&2
  • Teskilat ( Season 3)
  • Mendirman Jaloliddin (Bozkir Arslani)
  • Seddulbahir 32 Saat
  • Rise Of Empires : Ottoman
  • Mehmed Bir Cihan ( Sultan Fateh)
  • Mehmetcik Kutul Amare
  • Mehmetcik Kutul Zafer
  • Mavera
  • Mevlana
  • Haci Beyram Veli
  • Filinta Mustafa
  • Yuzyillik Muhur (Seal of the Century)
  • Boru (The Wolf)
  • Takhat Aur Baghawat
  • The Imam (Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal)1
  • El Nehaya2

Turkish serials comprise of serials that are watched and followed by numerous crowds, and, surprisingly, communicated by far off nations. Even though there are deviations from the main topic as the number of seasons increase, there are TV series that never decrease the number of views.

Best Turkish Historical Dramas in Urdu:

The fact that domestic serials have increased their quality lately, television lovers have put their screens on their heads. In this case, the most watched Turkish series that we have prepared for our visitors who want to watch a new series are in the continuation of the subject, together with their trailers!

In this article, we have listed the Best Turkish Historical Dramas of all time that you will be eagerly waiting for each episode. Here is the rundown of famous authentic TV series that have transformed the period in which they were communicated, and verifiable occasions are told everything being equal.

When history is read in the form of items from books, it is remembered as one of the most boring courses in high school for some. In reality, those who became substances lived, suffered and grappled with pain just like us. The area that allows us to get to know these people in the best way (sometimes accompanied by mistakes) is the series that lasts for years and can go into details. We are here with a remarkable list for those who are looking for Best Turkish Historical Series to wander through the past.

Everyone enjoys watching dramas with compelling stories, heartbreaking acting and dramatic plotlines.

What are the best historical dramas ever ? If you are wondering, you should check the list we have prepared for you. The list we have prepared from the most watched historical TV series in the world and in Turkey will be a source of ideas for your TV series selection. The best historical serials of all time bring to life all the fiction that the books fail to describe and offer exciting moments to their viewers.

Yunus Emre :

Yunus Emre Love’s Journey, which was added to the favorites list with 9.1 points in the IMDb ranking, started with the appointment of Yunus, a madrasa student from the ilmiye class, as a kadi. The Anatolian merit, whose order was disturbed by the Mongol pressure, will be a step in the rise of Yunus, who was appointed as a judge. As a result of the situations and the tests he faced, Yunus, who crossed his path with Tabtuk Emre, gave up his duty as a judge and started his life as a dervish. Yunus, who got into a great dilemma against the ilmiye class in which he grew up, started to question his rank as a judge, the sciences he took and the madrasa life. Yunus, who had access to many experiences and knowledge in his dervish life, now looks at the world from a completely different window.

Barbarossa Sword of the Mediterranean :

Barbaros, one of the most anticipated and new historical Turkish TV series starring the famous actor Engin Altan. This latest Turkish historical drama series films the story of the Mediterranean sailor Barbaroslar and his brothers. The real name of the Barbarosians is Hayreddin Pasha, who is also famous for the title of ‘King of the Seas’.

Awakening The Great Seljuk :

Awakening The Great Seljuk is a new Turkish historical series broadcast on the TRT1 platform. This Turkish Islamic drama presents the bravery, war skills and valor of the Seljuk Empire. With 8.3 imdb score, it has been trending among the best Turkish action series since the beginning.

If we talk about the cast, the performances of Ekin Koç and Buğra Gülsoy will increase your interest in TRT1 historical drama.

Rise of Empires Ottoman :

It is one of the pioneering and best historical Turkish series produced by Netflix Studios in partnership with STX Entertainment and Karga Seven Pictures. You can watch all episodes on Netflix in both English and Turkish. The story of this Turkish documentary series, the great Ottoman Emperor Mehmed-II. It also covers how Mehmed became a conqueror and how he conquered the city of Constantinople.

Turkish TV series have managed to reach a wide audience in a short time. In the history of Turkish TV series, there are both TV series and movies since Yeşilçam. Therefore, Turkish TV series are very popular in every country. These series, which are also broadcast on Turkish channels, are also broadcast in the Middle East. There are many masterpiece TV series shot in Turkish TV series. Therefore, these series are still watched on Youtube or other platforms today. There are also popular and shot Turkish series on the Netflix platform. Turkish TV series were shot in the category of science fiction, love and History.


So friends this was one of the Best Turkish Historical Dramas List, which has been prepared after a lot of hard work and research. In this list I have tried to include the best serials. If there is any drama left then you all must tell me in the comment section. And yes I will keep updating this list with time. If you all like our work then keep visiting our website and share this article. Thanks

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