Kurulus Osman Episode 53 in Urdu

Hello Friends! Welcome to Dirilispk, Another intriguing and terrifying trailer of the Kurulus Osman series has been released Each scene of the trailer contradicted all the scenes of the previous trailer, ie the story we were expecting after watching the first trailer. In the second trailer, everyone looked the other way. Which created countless questions in the minds of the audience. We will also tell you about the story that will appear on the screen this time with a big twist In today’s article, we will talk about what Nikola’s caught, Malhun Hatun and his partner, So who are the people who have brought so many people in front of Osman Bey with their faces covered? When Osman went to Nikola, why didn’t he take the governor with him as demanded? In the darkness of the night, Osman is fighting with who and where? Will a gift be demanded in exchange for Malhun Hatun? Will the jirga be convened again in Sogut?Will Nikola’s character last too long? Inegol Castle will definitely not be a victory this season, let me tell you why? You will find even more important information in this article, Then be sure to read the article to the end.

Kurulus Osman Episode 53 in Urdu
Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman’s second trailer was more curious than the previous one This was because of the war scenes and the strong plans of both sides against each other. The trailers prove that the next episode will be great which fans are anxiously waiting for. Malhun Hatun talks about the big mistake he made by going to Inegol Castle himself. Thus we saw that both Malhun Hatun and his female companion were caught And Togay had come to the Kayi tribe in exchange for Malhun Hatun and demanded a governor. Now when everyone was expecting the kind of demand in which Malhun Hatun would be saved by returning the governor. I don’t see anything like that happening First of all, Tughay had to bring Malhun Hatun because he said that Malhun Hatun is with me. This topic aside Now Nikola and Osman Bey face off Nicola now has more hidden faces than Malhun Hatun and her partner Hatun. They tell you who they are But you may have noticed that if Osman Bey had to come to the rescue of Malhun Hatun, he would have to bring the governor with him. But the governor did not appear with Osman Bey. Let me explain all this to you All scenes are shown back and forth in the trailers.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles :

 We heard Umar Bay say that we would take care of ourselves on our own And then we saw Omar Bay going to Inegol Castle. We think that Omar Bay voluntarily went to the fort without informing Osman Bey, then Nikola arrested him. And he has brought Umar Bay and perhaps his soldiers before Osman Bey Or they have hidden the faces of their own men and trapped Osman Bey. Well, it is more likely that Nikola brought Omar Bay, that is, there is no scene like the exchange of Malhun Hatun. Then we will see that there will be a fierce clash between Osman Bey and the Byzantines. If he dies, Osman will save him But even if that doesn’t happen, Osman will defeat Nikola and Nikola will run away, But it remains to be seen what will happen to Malhun Hatun, We saw Malhun Hatun imprisoned And Tugay was heard saying to Nikola, “Open the door of the sogut through Malhun Hatun.” It was a little strange for Tugay to go away on his own Earlier, Tugay had demanded a governor from Osman Bey in the Kayi tribe in exchange for Malhun Hatun. We told you that Osman Bey may have been ambushed by, Osman Bey when he took the governor away. Or somehow kill Tugay or Nikola Governor. Now Tughay’s suggestion of demanding a gift instead of a governor is an indication that the governor is dead.

Kurulus Osman Episode 53 in Urdu :

 Everyone is interested to know how Osman Bey will save Malhun Hatun. Let me explain the full details of this case to you, Nikola and Tughay’s attempt to trap Osman Bey unscrupulous women will fail So together they are planning to demand a gift in exchange for Malhun Hatun. But in the midst of all this, Osman is not waiting for a deal with Nikola and Tughay holding hands. We saw Malhun Hatun in prison. Zulfiqar Darwish may have informed Osman Bey about this. And Osman secretly entered the fort and tried to save Malhun Hatun. By the way, there are some highlights in the trailer where Osman is killing the Byzantine soldiers in the dark. There are only two cases, either Osman has gone to the round fort or to a cave. Well, now there is a strong possibility that during the planning of Toghay and Nikola, Osman will sneak into the Inegol fort and save Malhun Hatun from there. In another scene in the trailer, we see someone lying in prison, dressed like Malhun Hatun. Malhun Hatun and his accomplice were tied up It is possible that after rescuing Malhun Hatun, the person who was killed there is still in jail.

Kurulus Osman Episode 53 With Urdu Subtitiles :

 Let’s talk about another scene which had a slight glimpse in the trailer. At that time, Osman was in a sogut. Osman Bey was heard saying in the trailer that there would be no order and peace on these lands unless all the Turkish tribes were united. Osman has repeatedly been seen trying to unite by inviting the chiefs to Sogut, But in the trailer, we didn’t see any special leader in Sogut’s scene. Osman Bey had a few Alps, Dawood Bey and a few others Now everyone is wondering what was going on there. If you pay attention, there are very few people standing in front of Osman Bey in this scene, While there are more seats for people to sit, Since they are empty, it is quite possible that the chiefs have left. But this time, if the chiefs come there, they will show confidence in Osman Bey.

Now let’s talk about the victory of Inegol Fort, which will not be seen this season. Let me explain in detail what the reason is and how long Nikola’s character will last. Earlier in our article we told you that the victory of Inegol Castle may not be in this season. It is now certain that Inegol Castle will not win this season. This is because if this victory is shown, it will be against history. In the last episode, only a few people would have been attracted to Karachaisar Fort, after hearing its name But from now on we will often hear the name of this fort and also see that fort. Because at the end of this season it will not be a goal but a victory for Karachaisar Fort ,This is not all fabrication. On the contrary, history makes it clear that Osman will conquer the fort before Inegol. Not only Karachaisar but also Becin and Yarhisar forts will be conquered before this round fort. Now all of a sudden they will think that if Inegol Castle is not conquered yet, when will Nikola die? Nicola’s character will continue until Inegol Fort is conquered, Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Be sure to like the article about Episode 53 of Kurulus Osman will be aired on April 7. How eager are you to watch Osman Bey‘s action and how do you think Osman Bey will save the Malhun? Be sure to express your opinion in the comment box. 

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کورولوش عثمان کی قسط نمبر 53 دیکھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں ۔ شکریہ

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