Kurulus Osman Episode 54 With Urdu Subtitles 

Hi friends! Welcome to Dirilispk, As Kurulus Osman’s season 2 draws to a close, the dramatic changes in the story seem to be pushing fans into the depths of interest. The big events of the last episode, namely the bloody attack of Togay, the shooting of Guncha Hatun, the martyrdom of big characters like Abdul Rehman Ghazi and Zulfiqar Darwish kept the fans busy. The audience stared at the screen, waiting for Osman Bey’s action, But their great action will be seen in the next episode. Because in the last episode, every step taken by Osman Bey became the sight of the devilish tricks of the enemies. We will also tell you why this series based on the history of the Ottoman Empire is the cause of the frustration of the fans of the historical series. 

Kurulus Osman Episode 54 With Urdu Subtitles

We will talk about what was done wrong after seeing the martyrdom of Abdul Rehman Ghazi. Which of Osman Bay’s teammates is expected to make an entry with a big surprise? When will Dundar die? When will Osman Bey’s relationship with Omar Bay and Malhun Hatun be better? Is a big battle waiting for us in the next episode? You will also find more important information in this article. 

 Kurulus Osman Episode 54 in Urdu :

Following the worldwide popularity of the Dirilis Ertugrul series, the Kurulus Osman series was launched, continuing the historical continuity. But for some time now, the series has been criticized on social media platforms and has been a source of frustration for those interested in the historical series. This series tells the history of how the great Ottoman Empire, which lasted for 600 years, was founded. But for some time now, the series has been full of fictional stories rather than history. People who constantly watch and like the Kurulus Osman series will know very well how some events do not correspond to history at all. Some characters are historically reversed and some historical characters are not brought to the fore. In contrast, some fictional characters appear at the forefront of the series. The series has not stopped in the series and such mistakes are constantly coming to the fore, When the martyrdom of Abdul Rehman Ghazi was shown in the last episode, the market of criticism looked hot again. Abdul Rehman Ghazi was martyred while rescuing Guncha Hatun And surprisingly for so many years the servant of Ertugrul and so many brave Alps were martyred with just one arrow. 

Here at this post i sharing Kurulus Osman Episode 54 in Urdu trailers, you can watch trailers of Kurulus Osman Episode 54 in urdu. These trailers have massive attraction for the viewers. These trailers are enough to create suspense and thrill about upcoming Kurulus Osman episode 54 in Urdu. 

 Kurulus Osman Episode 54 in Urdu Review :

Earlier, the biggest historical mistake in the series was to cut off the arm of Abdul Rehman Ghazi. According to the original history, Abdul Rehman Ghazi and Guncha lived until the time And Abdur Rehman Ghazi played a major role in the conquest of Aydos Fort. This fort was conquered in 1328, While the series is currently going through a period of about 1285-1290. Abdur Rehman Ghazi besieged Aznik in 1329 during the reign of Orhan Ghazi And at the same time he was martyred. The premature martyrdom of Abdul Rehman Ghazi in Khair Kurulus Osman was a major historical mistake. You will also have to give your opinion about this in comment section.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 54 in Urdu Full Story :

 Omar Bay and Malhun Hatun, who are of great importance in history. It doesn’t seem appropriate to show them making such mistakes in the series. There is no idea how the script of these two characters will be balanced in the future, But all that has been shown so far about these characters is a myth. It’s all like Yavlak Arsalan’s character, Which was seen as a bit negative at first and after a lot of criticism this role became positive. Now the audience that had been waiting for Malhun Hatun and Omar Bay for a long time, She is fed up with the mistakes of these characters and is also using wrong words about them. Which is also upsetting the balance of the series Speaking of the Mongols, now it is the turn of the Mongols whose horrors are known to all. 

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 54 in Urdu :

The entry of the son of Mongol commander Noyan has been welcomed, Remember that Kara Shaman Tugay is a historical character .The historical mistake is that Tugha’s attitude does not look like that of the Mongols at all. He sits down to eat with Nikola and is seen in the castle again and again. Most importantly, when he attacks Osman Bey’s caravan, he is accompanied by Byzantine soldiers, not Mongols. It is also important to note that according to history, Togay is not the son of Noyan. In short, with the exception of a few selected events, the series is very much in conflict with history. 

The tension and anger of Osman Bey’s character is also a cause for concern among the fans. Before Osman Bey became chief, his character was sometimes seen as immature Osman Bey once raised his hand against his father’s friend and colleague Samsa and even placed a dagger on his neck. At that time, Osman Bey was seen as very hasty and emotional, But after becoming Sardar and having so many responsibilities, Osman Bey was not expected to do such a thing again But in the last episode, it was amazing that Osman Bey lost his temper and slapped his Alps hard. Which shows that More space is needed in the role of Osman Bey. When it comes to Osman Bey’s relationship with Malhun Hatun and Omar Bay, since when have these two characters come to the fore? Not once did he seem satisfied with Osman Bey And constantly challenging Osman Bey and disobeying his orders.

 On his way to Nicola, Osman would stop Malhun Hatun and bring him back to the tribe, So he will look very angry at Malhun Hatun and Omar Bay. We know that Omar Bay’s goal was to send spies to Annie Gol and to plan Inegol’s victory. It is possible that in this fierce battle, Omar Bay told Osman Bey about his secret plan And then this project should be continued with the consent of Osman Bey. If that happened then Omar would win the trust of Osman Bey And then a strong alliance of the two tribes will emerge, But this scene made us wait a little longer. But the one who benefited from all this was Dundar Bay/ He had told Osman Bey about Malhun Hatun’s agreement with Nikola, Due to which Osman became angry with Omar Bay and Malhun Hatun. But this news of Dundar Bay has definitely won the trust of Osman Bey. Osman Bey’s deep suspicion of Dundar and never a hint of Dundar’s intentions is what has kept Dundar’s character in the series for so long. 

There has been a strong reaction from the audience Speaking of the demise of Dundar Bay, in the trailer too, when Omar Bay talked about revealing the secret of the traitor in the tribe of Osman Bey, everyone was very interested. We think that Osman Bey and Omar Bay will do it together. Omar Bay and Osman Bey will lay a powerful net through the Dundar ring. This time, Osman will reveal that he has no doubt about Dundar. On the other hand, Omar Bay at the request of Osman Bey, Dundar will be trapped And will monitor his intentions. At a time when the story is getting so complicated, a great new entry is expected It is rumored that Turkish actor Urgus paktas has joined the Kurulus Osman series. After the martyrdom of Osman Bey‘s elder comrades Abdul Rehman Ghazi and Zulfiqar Darwish, a strong comrade was expected to arrive.

Every one is waiting for Kurulus Osman episode 54 in urdu. In this post we have full review for Kurulus Osman Episode 54 in urdu. Here we will  sort out some guess about the episode of 54 of Kurulus Osman.

کورولوش عثمان کی قسط نمبر 54  دیکھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں ۔ شکریہ

Kurulus Osman Episode 54 Full Review :

It seems that in this short time, there will be a huge entry in the ranks of Osman Bey, It is expected that Urgus paktas will play the role of Akca Kuca in the series. Which is a historical character But surprisingly, no such announcement has been made officially yet by Kurulus Osman‘s team or producer. This entry may be a surprise. Now let’s talk about Osman Bey, whose last episode did not reveal a single deed. The governor was also killed, Malhun Hatun was not saved by Osman Bey and Zulfiqar Darwish, who was the only remaining spy of Osman Bey in Inegol Fort was also martyred. It seems that the time has come to watch Osman Bey‘s great action in the series. Great scenes of war await us. The reason for Osman Bey‘s anger and resentment against Tugha was to ruin the beautiful day of the life of his close soldier Boran Alp. From now on, battle scenes will be seen again and again in the series. When Osman Bey finds out that his father’s dear friend and companion Abdul Rehman Ghazi was martyred, he will look even angrier. This anger of Osman Bey will break down into anger And in the coming war, Osman will be successful. Be sure to watch the video Episode 54 of Kurulus Osman will be aired on April 14. Do you think Osman Bey needs a new Alps entry during these difficult times and what role should be played? Be sure to let us know what you think See You soon! 

کورولوش عثمان کی قسط نمبر 55  دیکھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں ۔ شکریہ

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