Watch  Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid Season 5 Episode 146 With Urdu Subtitles :

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Assalam o Alaykum, Welcome to Dirilispk. At this post i am sharing Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 146 in Urdu  Subtitles. Everyone waiting for this episode. Apparently, this hero was a gentleman in the strict sense, Hürriyet. If he had been a young and naive officer of the movement army who said this, I could forgive him.However, this man was an inheritance atthat time, his colonel was at least 40 years old at that time, Ali Fethi Bey, in the Republican period, took me in his arms by calling the Prime Minister Fethi Okyar Poor Boy. Even the guard remembers very well that a tear fell from his eyes.

Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid Season 5 Episode 146 With Urdu Subtitles

 The officers acted very disrespectfully to my father, but Salim was also a Lieutenant. He hid behind the trees and even fired bullets to my father, who was looking from the window. The others also disrespected the same. There was a steward, Hasan Efendi, for this part. The things that the harem had taken from the bazaar came through him and the clothes he brought from outside would be delivered to the Harem masters in the presence of the soldiers.They would also take me to the Harem one day, they brought me green, blue and yellow colorful toy walking sticks, and I will give me every reason Nape I envy these Wands very much, we were in the garden, when the wands were given to me, the officers held them up, they said they would not give the wands if I did not tell your father a donkey. I went to the mansion, I went into the room,fortunately, Gülşen came to the journeyman and asked me why the master was crying like that.

Sultan Abdul Hamid Season 5 Episode 146 in Urdu Subtitles :

 One way to go to my father that I could delirium not with standing the end of sticks I think I got it officers were ashamed of what they did and gave the wand, unfortunately, was what me from police who want to say it so he does not remember actually remember, but entered of Alata the pavilion there was a round flowering Stigma in the garden Officers have written Hurriyet justice, equality, fraternity around the hill he I knew but I did not know what these words meant Only one side of Tepe could be seen from the windows of Coşkun. I wondered what he wrote on the other side and called me my son said Go see what they wrote on the other side I went and read it and told my father embarrassingly, I don’t say it in summer, he just said a him He didn’t say another word. The soldiers thought that this was done by writing the words of Hürriyet, justice, equality, brotherhood on the ground. Sir, the letter goes like this, there are many more painful events, I just wanted to share a historical document in the presence of our President. I want to take one last thing. Today, to be clear about Sultan Abdul Hamid and his period, unfortunately we do not know everything that is necessary. Unfortunately, all the necessary work has not been done. because the archives were not inspected. There are around ten thousand documents in the archive of Yıldız Palace alone.

  • Show Name: Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid
  • Language: Urdu Subtitles
  • Season: 5
  • Episode: 146

سلطان  عبدالحمید کی قسط نمبر 146  دیکھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں ۔ شکریہ

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 146 in Urdu Subtitles :

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