Watch kurulus Osman Episode 69 With Urdu Subtitles By Giveme5 (3 November 2021)

You are the commander! Why are you sleeping! Storm ! Hello everyone from Htv… The action begins in the TV series Establishment Osman. Osman Bey took Koses prisoner? How will the strategic moves between the Byzantines end? Who is Gündüz’s son Aktimur? How will the new agent appear? Will Turgut Bey be able to get rid of the Byzantine castle? What effect did Osman Bey’s new Horse have? Don’t forget to watch our video with very important information until the end. As the episodes progress in the Establishment Osman series, we see that the story of the series begins to expand.

Kurulus Osman Episode 69 With Urdu Subtitles By Giveme5

 The big plans and traps that the Byzantines set up among themselves continue to surprise everyone. Especially the Catalans, who have just joined the series this season, have made a big impact on the series. The clothes and music made for the Catalans started to add action to the series. As with the Mongols before, the Catalans were well liked by the audience. However, the surprise plans and strategic moves of the Catalans with the Byzantines shocked everyone. First, the Catalans, who acted with Koses, now surprisingly took the side of Rogatus. Thus, the Catalans showed that they could do any kind of betrayal and plan for gold and money.

 One of the surprise developments took place while Koses and Mari were visiting Osman Bey. Koses, who came to Osman Bey to look for Pastor Gregor, was imprisoned upon the arrival of shocking news. Boran Alp made the captured Catalan soldier talk. And this soldier said that it was Koses who made all the attacks. Osman Bey, learning about this development, will imprison Koses and ask him important questions. Koses, a very clever and cunning commander, will try to persuade Osman Bey. However, we expect another important development to occur while these events are taking place. So what is this development? As you know, Nikola Turgut captured Alp. Thus, Osman Bey can use Mari and Koses as a move against Turgut Alp. Also, Nikola’s interest in Mari did not go unnoticed. Therefore, Nikola can free Turgut Alp to save Mari. One of the curious characters is Aktimur.

Kurulus Osman Episode 69 in Urdu Full Story :

 As you know, a young actor named Can Bartu Arslan joined the series this season. And we haven’t seen this actor in the series yet. However, we think that this character will appear in a surprising way in the upcoming episodes. Can Bartu Arslan, who will join the series as the son of Gündüz Bey, is a very successful actor. As you know, this season, the character of Gündüz Bey will bid farewell to the series. However, we think that this development will be experienced towards the season finale. Therefore, Gündüz Bey can bid farewell to the series by entrusting his son Aktimur to Osman Bey. We think that the character of Aktimur will be very effective. Because the performance of the actor in the previous series was appreciated by everyone.

 The answer to one of the questions asked in the series was finally found. It turned out that Bahadır was the person who killed Osman Bey’s horse and spied. Bahadır, the soldier of Malhun Hatun’s father, Umur Bey, fell into a great betrayal. This development in the series was also criticized by some viewers. Because we see that a spy and an agent constantly appear in the Kayi group, and the audience was criticized for this issue. One of the new developments in the series was Osman Bey’s new horse. Osman Bey found a new horse after the death of his horse Karayel, which he used for 2 seasons. Osman Bey’s new horse attracted great attention. The new Horse, whose hair and feet are white, was highly appreciated visually.

 Thus, Osman Bey will continue his struggle with his new Horse. We think that the topics in the series are not fully expanded yet. Because there will be important stories in the third season of the series. We think that the characters and stories in the series will increase in the following episodes and the series will go into more action. We have come to the end of our article.

  • Show Name: Kurulus Osman 
  • Language: Urdu Subtitles
  • Season: 3

  • Episode: 5 (69)

کورولوش عثمان کی قسط نمبر    ’69’ دیکھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں ۔ شکریہ

کورولش عثمان سیریل سیزن 3  کی اگلی اور پچھلی تمام اقساط  دیکھنے کے لئے  یہاں کلک کریں۔ شکریہ

Cast of the Kurulus Osman series :

Burak Özçivit / Osman

Erkan Avcı / Nikola

Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy / Malhun Hatun

Özge Törer / Bala Hatun

Emre Basalak / Gündüz

Burak Çelik / Kongar

Ahmet Yenilmez / Blacksmith Davud

Emin Gürsoy / Auburn Abdal

Yiğit Uçan / Boran

Buse Arslan Akdeniz / Aygül

Çağrı Şensoy/ Cerkutay

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 5 (69) Review :

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